JavaScript Joe

I like getting people excited to learn.


I'm a frontend engineer, an instructor for, a member of the Twilio Champions Program, and an organizer for Desert GraphQL. In 2018, Twilio inducted me into their Hall of Doers. I used to teach HTML/CSS and JavaScript workshops for a local meetup Learn to Code - Thinkful Phoenix.

I also offer virtual office hours if you want to chat about coding, get advice, want to teach me something cool, or need somewhere to vent.

When I'm not coding, you might find me reading, working out, playing basketball or riding my bike.


The Future of JavaScript Apps is Gatsby.jsApril 18th, 2019
The Powers of CSS-in-JSMarch 22nd, 2019
Testing Out GraphQL with REST EndpointsJanuary 29th, 2019
Twilio Superclass WorkshopJanuary 19th, 2019
What is Gatsby.js - a Warm IntroductionJanuary 11th, 2019
Build Chrome Extensions with ReactDecember 5th, 2018
Step Up Your Portfolio Game - Use Gatsby.jsOctober 6th, 2018


Selected Projects


A "gamified" learning platform to help you become a web developer. The idea is that it will take you from the beginning to being job-ready using interactive dialog-style lessons, quizzes and small tasks.


A simple Chrome extension to help you coordinate across timezones. Input the date and time of your event and then we give you a link where others can view the event in their respective timezone. Timezoning made easy 👏🏼

More on GitHub

OSS Contributions

I try contribute to open source whenever I can.
If you're logged in to GitHub, you can see my contributions here.


I send a few emails per month to share things I'm excited about. I'd be delighted if you signed up.

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